Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day

I am so very happy today to have my husband at home on this Day of Love...but I don't think as happy as our 3 year old special needs daughter is. She is ecstatic to have both of her parents together just for herself while her older siblings are still at school. It doesn't happen to often that daddy and mommy are both home during the day. Daddy is usually working long hours. It just shows us how much each child needs both parents presence, and how much it means to them to spend a quality time with them, one on one. All the attention given to that one little person and they feel so important, so special. We tend to forget about that in the busyness of everyday life full of errands, and phone calls to be made, grocery shopping to be done and appointments to go to...That's why I treasure moments like today, because they remind me what matters mostly. Time spent with loved ones. And there is another thing that just comes to my mind, How our Heavenly Father must feel when we leave Him out of our daily life and do not spend time with Him...He loves us like no one else, but we usually give Him only one hour of the week, and that sometimes doesn't happen either. Why is it so hard for me to leave the earthly things for few minutes of the day, to make them the most blessed minutes of the day, by talking and listening to The Wisest Father , my God, my Creator. So this is what I am going to do right now...going to my "Tent of the Meeting with my Lord".Just He and I.

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