Monday, February 13

So here I am and I have no idea whatsoever about creating blogs, but someone dear to me suggested I start doing it...she thinks my life is worthwriting here I am...I guess I will learn as I'll keep blogging since I am not a computer spec, although I spent a fair amount of my time on it, so hopefully I will learn and enjoy creating my Blog page while sharing my ordinary, everyday life full of blessings and struggles as I try really hard to be a good wife and a good mom just as my Lord and God wants me to be...and this is what this Blog is going to be about: me, the only child who decided to have a bigger family of her own and prove to the world that I can do it...How did that happen to be in real life will be revealed little by little each time with each new post...Right now, I am heading to bed,to gather my thoughts , moments of my life and what should I start from in the first place...Goodnight...


  1. Welcome to Blogland.

    Looking forwards to reading you.

    God bless.

  2. I am also excited to read your posts and get a birdseye view into your daily life, and some perspective from one of God's families. Keeping prayer a sacred time of the day is very difficult. Sometimes this happens for me and most of the time it is a silent prayer that I keep in my heart while working in my home or teaching my children. We all wish for solidarity in communion with Jesus and all the Saints. God Bless you for having the courage and strength to share your experiences and love of Christ within you family.